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Boise State implements staff furloughs including athletics
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Published: 4/21/2020  at  5:05:04 PM
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BOISE, Idaho (AP) Boise State head football coach Bryan Harsin and other coaches and athletic department employees earning more than $40,000 per year will be furloughed.

School President Marlene Tromp

, saying canceling events into the summer because of the coronavirus pandemic has cost the school more than $10 million.

All university employees earning more than $150,000 will be required to take 10-day furloughs between early May and the end of July. Those earning $100,000 to $149,999 will be required to take seven days; $75,000 to $99,999, five days; and $40,000 to $74,999, four days. Employees are not allowed to perform any work during the furloughs.

Most of Boise Stateís football coaches will be required to take the 10-day furlough. Harsin makes $1.65 million in base salary. The majority of Boise Stateís football coaching staff also exceeds the $150,000 threshold.

The 10-day furloughs will also come into play for menís basketball coach Leon Rice and womenís basketball coach Gordy Presnell. Riceís base salary for 2019 was $705,292 and Presnellís was $242,128.


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