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UFC Fight Night 30: Manuwa vs. Jimmo
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Published: 10/26/2013  at  4:00:00 AM
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UFC Fight Night 30: Manuwa vs. Jimmo

Saturday, October 26 4:30 p.m. ET
Manchester, England

Jimi Manuwa (13-0) vs. Ryan Jimmo (18-2)

Light heavyweight bout
Line: Manuwa -180, Jimmo +150

Knockout master Jimi Manuwa looks to stay unbeaten as he squares off against Ryan Jimmo in England at UFC Fight Night on Saturday.

Manuwa has just 13 MMA matches under his belt, but is building quite a resume early in his career. In his last fight against Cyrille Diabate on Feb. 16, the doctors ended the match in the first round after Manuwa showed off his incredible striking ability. In the UFC, the fight is always one punch away from being over, and Manuwa has shown an incredible ability to deliver devastating shots. His opponent Ryan Jimmo, has also been very successful, and also possesses unbelievable knockout power. In his first UFC fight in July of 2012, Jimmo tied the record for the fastest knockout in UFC history, finishing the match in just seven seconds over Anthony Perosh. Many UFC winners are determined by which man is able to fight his type of match. However, this will not be the case here, as both fighters are special when it comes to their punching ability. In the end, look for MANUWA to show more punching power to help him get the victory.

Of his 13 career victories, "Poster Boy" Manuwa has 12 by knockout. His only other career match was won by submission, and that was over four years ago when he put Jamie Hearn in a guillotine. Manuwa is incredibly fast with his punches, but he also has the rare blend of power behind them. He averages 4.73 strikes landed per minute, significantly more than Jimmo with 3.45 strikes landed per minute. While the 33-year-old Mauwa is in great shape, it is still unknown whether or not he has the conditioning to go the entire distance in a fight, as he has never seen the third round of the fight. Both of these guys are very tough, and have shown the ability to take punches as well. If Manuwa is ready from the beginning, then he has a great chance. However, if he has learned a lesson from watching Jimmo, he better have his hands up at the beginning of the fight.

"The Big Deal" Jimmo won a lot of fans with that amazing victory over Perosh, delivering two punches in the fight, even though he really knocked him out on the first punch. He has won seven fights by way of knockout, so he is similar to Manuwa in how he wants to win the fight. Despite that, he has shown an ability to last an entire fight, winning nine matches by decision, including outlasting Igor Pokrajac in his last fight on June 15 at UFC 161. The 31-year-old Jimmo's other two wins have come by submission. He is a much more accurate striker than Manuwa, with a 73% striking accuracy rate compared to 63% by Manuwa. Jimmo also defends himself better with a 49.2% striking defense, which is much higher than Manuwa's 36.2% striking defense. This may not be the headline fight of the night, but this could be the most explosive matchup with each of these two men (who are both a hulking 6-foot-2 and 205 pounds) possessing the ability to end a fight before it even starts.

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