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UFC Fight Night 29: Silva vs. Kim
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Published: 10/9/2013  at  4:06:00 AM
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UFC Fight Night 29: Silva vs. Kim

Wednesday, October 9 Ė 11:00 p.m. ET
Barueri, Brazil

Erick Silva (15-3) vs. Dong Hyun Kim (17-2-1)

Welterweight bout
Line: Silva -220, Kim +170

Erick Silva will look to take care of business in his home country of Brazil as he squares off against Dong Hyun Kim at UFC Fight Night 29 on Wednesday night.

Silva is coming off a convincing victory over Jason High on UFC on Fuel 10 on June 8, where he submitted High just one minute into the match with a reverse triangle arm-bar. He is an explosive athlete with major quickness, and he has the ability to change the momentum of the match in just seconds. His past four victories have all been finished in the first round, showing his preparation and focus entering a match is right where it needs to be. However, he will be facing a man that is building quite a resume in the UFC. Dong Hyun Kim has only two career losses, and those are to very formidable opponents in Carlos Condit and Demian Maia. Kim is not an overpowering fighter, but is methodical and doesnít let his emotions deter him. While Silva has finished his last four opponents in the first round, Kimís past seven victories have all come way of decision (six unanimous). Silva is the favorite heading into this match, but he must be careful when he goes and attacks Kim. His early round aggressiveness can be dangerous for opponents, but it also can leave him gassed if the fight makes it to the next round. KIM has the experience of being in big matches, and he is going to use that to his advantage to pull off the upset.

Of his 17 career victories, 10 have come way of decision for Kim. While he has shown the ability to win matches with his endurance, if Silva gets caught with his hands down, Kim also has the ability to knock his opponent out. He has six career victories by way of knockout, including a vicious display of elbows against Jason Tan at UFC 84. However, a very underrated part of his arsenal is his ability to take down his opponent. In his career, he averages 3.35 takedowns, compared to just 1.37 takedowns by Silva. While he may not be great at finishing the match on the ground, the ability to score the takedowns goes a long way in getting points in case the match goes to a decision by the judges. For Kim, he must not get baited into fighting a match that Silva wants. If he sticks to his game plan, he will be fine. If Kim decides to go strike-for-strike early in the first round, this will be right where Silva wants to be.

In 15 career victories, Silva has submitted his opponent nine times. While he may not take his opponent down as much as Kim does, he makes it count when he does. He has a takedown accuracy of 67 percent, while Kim is accurate on only 50 percent of his attempts. As stated earlier, Silva does not hide the fact that he is looking to end the match very quickly. He is the type of guy that is going to instantly grab the fanís approval. He will already have a huge advantage in this match fighting in his home country. The building will have an electric atmosphere for Silva, and there is no doubt that he will be looking to end this match very quickly. Although submissions are his preferred victory route, Silva also has three career knockout wins. The opposite fighting styles in this battle makes for an appealing fight that can go many ways.

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