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What's Ahead in NFL Offseason
Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton arrives for the NFL Honors football award show Saturday, Feb. 1, 2020, in Miami. (AP)
The NFL's centennial season concluded with a championship a half-century in the making. Now that the Kansas City Chiefs have ended that 50-year drought and own their second NFL championship, the focus will turn mostly elsewhere in what could be a very busy offseason. Here are some key story lines to follow before training camps open again in July.
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    Chiefs, Niners Battle for a Championship
    NFL - Few Super Bowls in recent memory have appeared as competitive as the San Francisco 49ers against the Kansas City Chiefs. The 49ers rolled through the NFC competition this year, blowing out the Vikings and Packers to reach their 1st Super Bowl since the 2012 season. The Niners were 2nd in the NFL in both rushing and total defense, which has proven to be a winning combination in past Super Bowls. With 8 straight wins & spread covers, Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs enter Miami on a roll of their own.
    Super Bowl LIV Statistical Analysis
    NFL - The Super Bowl offers some variation from the normal handicapping routine: Two weeks of rest, a neutral field and hundreds of available proposition bets, all of which can make for an overwhelming task of handicapping. Here are some trends and the qualifying play for this yearís Super Bowl based upon teamsí stats headed into the big game.
    Past Super Bowl Trends and Systems
    NFL - Here are some historical Super Bowl trends, stats and other tidbits that you can use to either handicap this yearís game or offer up at your parties to show off in front of game-watching friends. While on that subject, you can start off by wowing your company with this bit of interesting Super Bowl trivia. In the last 19 Super Bowl games, including this one, there have been 12 different NFC representatives, but just seven from the AFC.
    Super Bowl Stat Angles (1 of 3)
    NFL - Miami, Florida, hosts this yearís Super Bowl LIV matchup between the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs. First, a word of caution always has to accompany an article about Super Bowl handicapping: Remember that it is one game, the most wagered event in all of sports, and thus heavily weighted by oddsmakers to attract public action. Wager wisely, as no one game should outweigh a seasonís worth of hard work. The Super Bowl offers some variation from the normal handicapping routine.

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