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NFL gearing up for a normal season
Vikings wide receiver Stefon Diggs catches a TD pass in front of 49ers cornerback Ahkello Witherspoon during last year's NFL divisional playoff game. (AP)
The NFL is gearing up for a normal season and playoffs - with two additional wild-card teams in the Super Bowl chase. NFL team owners voted Tuesday to expand the playoffs by one team in each conference for a total of 14 next season as they continue to plan for the 2020 season to begin on time. Contingencies are being discussed for all potential interruptions caused by the coronavirus.
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    MLB season could go until Christmas
    MLB - If the final pitch of the 2020 baseball season comes closer to Christmas than Halloween, that's fine with the players. Major League Baseball owners ratified a 17-page agreement with the union on Friday in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, with players willing to extend the season as long as needed to cover as close to a full schedule as possible. Even if it involves neutral sites in warm-weather cities and domes. Even if it involves playing in empty ballparks. Even if it involves lots of day-night doubleheaders.
    Coaches try to fill spring practice void
    CFB - Normally, college football teams all over the country would be preparing for the upcoming season. Installing new schemes. Working on fundamentals. Developing less experienced players and expanding the skills of veterans. Building a cohesive team, players and coaches connecting. That's gone now and coaches are trying to figure out how to recreate some of what has been lost.
    Ballparks remain empty on 'opening day'
    MLB - MLB ballparks will remain eerily empty on 'opening day'. There will be no hot dogs on the grill, no beer on tap, no vendors in the stands selling peanuts and Cracker Jack. The shiny new stadium deep in the heart of Texas will still be waiting for its first Rangers game. No fantasy baseball, no DFS, and most importantly to baseball bettors, no money lines, totals, or run lines to bet on as we wait to get the "all clear" from Government officials.
    NBA's Silver still seeking answers
    NBA - NBA Commissioner Adam Silver finds himself almost constantly looking at financial numbers and projections. And like the rest of a world that is dealing with the seismic effects of the coronavirus pandemic, he still isnít sure how bad things will get. Silver said Saturday the league is considering all options - best-case, worst-case and countless ideas in between - as it tries to come to grips with this new normal.
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